About Us

Alberta Heavy Oil Well Servicing was founded in 2009. From the beginning, our strategy has always been to establish a service rig company that would be a technological leader in the oil and gas industry. Our main focus to date has been in both cold flow, and thermal heavy oil sectors of Alberta.  Our rigs are based in Bonnyville, however they work from Lloydminster to Cold Lake and from Athabasca to Wabasca.  We are also very well versed, and equipped to work in conventional oil and gas environments.

We are currently adding to our proven fleet of technologically advanced service rigs. With an extreme passion for our industry, we will continue to grow at a steady and manageable pace. We will continue to make our clients’ needs, our high environmental standards, and our safety culture our highest priorities.


6.1      Indigenous Relations


At Alberta Heavy Oil Well Servicing our purpose is to provide access to trusted energy that enhances lives, while caring for each other and the environment in which we all live.

We work on traditional lands of Indigenous Peoples as such work with communities to understand and lessen environmental and community impacts. As well as to build long term and mutually beneficial relationships.


Alberta Heavy Oil Well Servicing strives to provide economic stability, promote social well-being and preserve a healthy environment. An important part of this vision involves working with and promoting Indigenous People by developing a thriving and safe energy industry within all communities that promotes vibrant, diversified and sustainable co existence.


At Alberta Heavy Oil Well Servicing we are committed to working closely with and beside Canada’s Indigenous communities and maintain mutually beneficial relationships.

Key Beliefs:

People and communities affected by our presence and activities should have an opportunity to benefit from energy development and productivity such as employment, business development, education and training.  It is sound business strategy to support the involvement of Indigenous peoples in our business and mainstream economic growth.

Communication and respect:

Included in all our Company Policies, respect for language, customs, political, social and cultural differences and similarities are written and reviewed.  Obligations toward the land use is a shared responsibility.

Hiring practice: 

At Alberta Heavy Oil Well Servicing we continue to increase Indigenous personnel through referrals from other employees, consultants and communities, schools and local municipalities.