We are committed to conducting operations in a safe and environmentally sound manner, which always complies with not only our safety standards, but those set forth by our governing bodies, as well as our clients. Since 2009 we have maintained a 0.0 total recordable incident frequency (T.R.I.F). This is a monumental achievement that we are very proud of, and is irrefutable proof of our safety culture at Alberta Heavy Oil Well Servicing.

Our safety programs are intended to provide our personnel and contractors with the tools they need to perform their work tasks to the highest safety standards. The overall goal of our health and safety program is to implement a culture that will reduce the frequency and severity of workplace accidents and injuries. We accomplish this by instilling a pro-active safety attitude in our employees and contractors – which ultimately allows the control of common workplace hazards.

Our safety commitments are as follows:

  • We will provide and maintain a safe working environment for all involved.
  • We will control work site hazards, thus minimizing the risk to our employees, contractors, and the general public.
  • We will use the combined resources of Alberta Heavy Oil Well Servicing, our clients, government agencies, and other auxiliary services to ensure all safety standards are being met and/or exceeded.
  • We will provide worksite orientation and information, while guiding and motivating all personnel directly involved with operations to ensure a safe and successful workplace.