Our Rigs

Building a new aged fleet of technologically advanced service rigs was not necessarily to fix what was broken, but to improve upon the tried, tested, and true original design and bring it up to today’s standards. Our goal is to develop a fleet of rigs that are more capable, reliable, safer, and more fuel efficient, which enables both ourselves and our clients to lower our carbon footprint.







Why we love the Dual Purpose Super Singles:

First, they’re incredibly safe and efficient. You can rig-in, and rig-out at the same speed, and move on 75% bande roads with ease. With a push or pull pipe that can move up to 25,000 LBS, and extended derricks that can reach up to 72 feet, these rigs have exactly what you need. They can even come with a support vehicle if desired.

Safety is always of the utmost importance to us and we’ve kept that in mind at every step. With semi-automation, the crush zone is dramatically reduced, helping your team get home to their families at night. A few additional key safety measures include:

  • Semi-automation
  • Wind resilient with blocks on rails
  • Threaded tubing, resulting in reduced wait times and increased efficiency
  • Remote tongs (option)
  • Safety on bottom of monkey
  • Board for rigging up floor
  • Pull/lay down double stands of rods
  • Hydraulically printed trunnion arms
  • Trunnion line support
  • No cable load lines